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Monday, August 24, 2015

3 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple that Loves to Cook

So you've just been invited to a wedding and you know that the couple loves to cook. Maybe the groom is a great chef and the wife is a baker. Whatever the case, there's a good chance that they will be receiving a lot of cooking gadgets and utensils to help make their kitchen really top notch! You may want to get the couple a gift to foster their mutual love for cooking, but choosing one that is unique (and that someone else won't get them) can be a challenge. Before you rush to buy something, think about which gifts will be practical and distinctive. Here are three unique ideas from our kitchen tools store to help you get started:

PolyScience Smoking Gun Deluxe Kit – Kitchen Universe offers countless PolyScience kitchen gadgets that our customers really love. What makes PolyScience stand out is that they offer high-quality products that are both practical and exceptional. One of our favorites is the Smoking Gun Deluxe Kit. This tool allows chefs to easily make new culinary creations and drinks by adding open-fire flavors including Applewood, Cherrywood, Hickory, and Mesquite. This tool will allow couples who love the cook the ability to infuse a wide range of foods that wouldn't normally have it with smoky flavor. They can get creative and have fun together while sharing their mutual passion for cooking.
A Gourmet Cookbook – Sure, chefs love to create their own recipes, but they will still need to get their inspiration from somewhere. Every chef knows that there's no such thing as too many cookbooks. Opt for a high-end gourmet cookbook that will be filled with advanced recipes that they haven't already tried. You might also want to purchase a cookbook that features a different style of food than what the couple normally cooks. For example, they may be known for making great meat dishes and baking fabulous pies, but may have never tried their hand at soups or Asian dishes like sushi. A new cookbook will encourage the couple to expand their cooking skills and learn something new together, which can further enhance their new marriage.

Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats – Most wedding guests won't think of purchasing kitchen mats for the couple to stand on. Even if the couple has a kitchen mat, it's probably the normal, unsupportive type. Chefs are on their feet a lot in the kitchen and can easily grow tired; anti-fatigue mats will provide some comfort for the cooking couple by reducing the strain as they stand. Be sure to purchase two mats if you decide to go with this option so that both the bride and groom have one.

What are your favorite cooking gadgets, appliances, or accessories? What do you wish people would have brought or will buy for your kitchen once you're married? Leave a comment letting us know!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

5 Reasons You Should Be Grilling with Rösle Utensils

Any serious gourmet knows that Rösle utensils are the best you can find in the kitchen. But what about in the backyard? Rösle now offers an entire line of grilling products. Here are five reasons why you should be using them:

1.  They will hold up to the heatHave you ever looked at someone's barbeque or grill and noticed that their equipment is damaged, worn down and falling apart? Americans love a good cookout and we spend our summers grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and culinary creations whenever we can—but that means our utensils take a real beating. Grilling tools needs to stand up not only to incredible heat, but the buildup of smoke, charcoal and grease, and then they need to stand up to rigorous cleaning, scrubbing and scraping as well. Most cookout utensils simply cannot take it, but Rösle utensils are renowned worldwide for their durability and high-quality manufacture. That means tongs, metal brushes and other basics that will last you for years to come, and stay in great shape.

2.  Rösle now has more cookout accessories than ever before Although an established and trusted cooking equipment manufacturer, Rösle was a newcomer on the cookout scene as recently as 2010. In just five short years, however, they have substantially expanded their cookout portfolio to include a variety of barbeque grills, grilling accessories and grill utensils including turners, basting brushes and much more. If you want to truly have the right tool for every job, Rösle is the best bet.

3.  Better equipment means better food Any experienced cook knows that the equipment you use matters. Rösle produces the highest quality grilling equipment, which means that the chef has more control than ever over every part of the process and can take meats off the flame with the perfect amount of heat, sear and flavor.

4.  Rösle utensils are stylish and timeless – It's not just durability that matters. Rösle is a pioneer in the kitchen design world and all of its utensils are designed to be effective, stylish and timeless. Rösle utensils combine ergonomic design with a great look that you can be proud to show off at any gathering.

5.  A good chef knows value – When you buy the highest quality grilling accessories, they last longer and you get your money's worth. A Rösle tool is an investment that will pay off for years.

Have you used Rösle utensils? What do you feel sets them apart? Check out our selection at Kitchen Universe today!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Research Shows Regular Consumption of Coffee Has Many Health Benefits

Great news for coffee for lovers everywhere: it's been confirmed that coffee is indeed good for you! Despite the controversy surrounding coffee and its effects, new research has confirmed that there are many great reasons to fill up on it each day. So whether you're looking for an excuse to buy that quality espresso machine for sale that you've been eyeing, or just want to get those caffeine-haters off your back, take a look at the heap of health advantages that the delicious liquid offers.

The Feel-Good Fuel

If you're a regular coffee drinker, then you already know that coffee seems to instantly put you in a good mood. For some, just the smell of coffee in the morning is enough to wake you up and give you energy. Studies from Harvard and several other sources found that coffee can make you happier, and even reduce the risk of depression by 20%.

Loads of Antioxidants

Did you know that coffee is one of the biggest sources of antioxidants out there? Antioxidants prevent the loss of electrons and block the production of free radicals that can damage molecules in our bodies. Coffee is especially high in the group of antioxidant compounds called flavonoids, which possess antiviral, anti-allergic, anti-platelet, anti-inflammatory, and antitumor properties.

Reduced Risk of Serious Illnesses

Although there are numerous ways to reduce your chances of diseases and illnesses, who would have thought that consuming coffee would be one of them? There are many studies that show that people who consume coffee have a lower risk of suffering from conditions such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Type 2 Diabetes and liver disease, to name a few.

Boost Your Energy for Exercise

If you're looking to get in shape or increase your physical activity levels, caffeine not only helps you to work out longer, but also boosts your metabolism even after you stop exercising.

Decreases the Chance of Kidney Stones

No one wants to deal with the pain of having kidney stones. But by increasing your caffeine intake, you can actually lower your chances of getting them. Consuming caffeine makes you have to go to the bathroom more often, allowing waste to move through your body, and decreasing the potential for kidney stones to form. 

Increased Longevity

It might sound too good to be true, but a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2012 found that people who drink more coffee have better longevity than those who don't. According to the study, those who drink four to five cups a day had the greatest benefit, but even moderate consumption like a cup a day can help.

Visit our site at Kitchen Universe for espresso machines, coffee makers, and accessories that will help you to get the full benefit of this beverage!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

6 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Summer

As the summer approaches, more people will be spending time outdoors. Summertime also means having meals outside. From graduation celebrations to Father's Day, birthday parties, Independence Day and weekend barbecues, summer is the perfect time to enjoy meals outside. But in order to cook the best summer meal, you need the right kitchen utensils. What tools do you need to make delicious meals this summer? Take a look at our list of must-haves from Kitchen Universe:

A Quality Grill

What's summer cooking without a grill? A grill is essential for classic dishes like burgers, hot dogs, sausages, vegetables, fish, steak and chicken, among many others. You should always opt for a high-quality grill to make the best food, but that doesn't mean that you have to get the large, outdoor variety. You can browse our selection of Rosle grills and cookware that will make your summertime cooking easy! We offer cast iron grills, charcoal kettle grills, as well as reversible grills and accessories such as tongs, skewers, and scrapers.

Rosle grills and accessories

Sharp Knives

Good knives make it much easier to prepare food for cooking. Whether you're cutting into a thick steak or chopping lettuce or other vegetables for a salad or side dish, a quality knife makes preparing food incredibly easy and fast. Also, it allows you to improve your food presentation, as these knives will be more precise.


Non-slip Cutting Board

Since you will be cutting up an array of food such as raw meat, cooked meat, fruits and vegetables, and others when preparing meals, you'll need an excellent cutting board. You'll need one that's big enough for your needs and the more cooking you do, the bigger it should probably be. It's also a good idea to purchase a non-slip cutting board, so that it stays in place when you are working.

Boos cutting board

Sauce Pan
sauce pan

A sauce pan is essential so you can make that remarkable signature barbecue sauce that your friends and family rave about. You don't need a large pan to make sauce, but we do offer sauce pans of different sizes to meet your cooking needs. The pan does, however, need to be heavy so that the bottom doesn't burn.

Water Jug

As the temperatures heat up, make sure to cool down with lots of fluids – especially water. Have a water jug or a few ready and filled with purified, cool water to replenish you and your guests while out in the sun.

water jug


If you don't have one already, purchase a blender so you can make and enjoy those perfect frozen summer drinks, such as fruit smoothies or milkshakes. Our quality blenders offer the ultimate performance and chop, stir, mix, and liquefy.


What other summer kitchen tools could you use? Check out our site at Kitchen Universe for more great summer cooking tools!

Friday, June 19, 2015

5 Father's Day Gifts the Man in Your Life Actually Wants

It's almost Father's Day: the time to celebrate the most important men in your life. While fathers are just as special and important as mothers are, the difference between Mother's and Father's Day is usually painfully obvious. While moms tend to be showered nonstop with presents, flowers, candies and activities, dads often wind up with gifts that never leave the garage and some that never even make it there.

This year, make Father's Day just as meaningful by giving the men in your life gifts they'll actually want to use and will enjoy. Think about his interests and act on them. If he likes to cook, see what a kitchen tools store has to offer and if he likes sports, try finding tickets to a game. Men are fairly easy, so with a little time and effort, it's really that simple to get dad a great gift.

1.      His Favorite Spirit or Wine and Accoutrements

Most men enjoy a good bottle of wine or like to have a drink to wind down after a long day. Skip the cheap stuff and go straight for a masculine premium spirit like Johnnie Walker Blue Label or Lagavulin – basically, something with a signature flavor that goes down smoothly. This kind of gift isn't intended for regular consumption, so if he only brings it out for special occasions or to gloat to his buddies on guys' night, you've hit the nail on the head.

If you get him a bottle of wine, look for something with a high rating from Wine Enthusiast or Wine Spectator and choose one he wouldn't normally spend the money to get. Also, make sure to find out the varietals that he appreciates before you shop. In addition to the wine itself, you could get him accessories to go with it, such as a decanter or a state-of-the-art corkscrew from Laguiole en Aubrac.

Laguiole en Aubrac corkscrew

2.      Cool Knives or Tools

Instead of opting for the standard steak knife set you get him every couple of years, try looking for something on the higher end of the spectrum. Consider visiting a kitchen tools store that offers a number of hand-crafted pocket knives for the outdoorsy man or even fancy steak knives for the conservative gentleman. The key to gifting kitchen tools for Father's Day is to elevate the quality, and with knives that are made from some of the best materials known to man, you can't go wrong!

Take the Laguiole en Aubrac steak knife set pictured below. It was made by hand by a single craftsman in Laguiole, France and comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove it. These traditional knives have been made in this small French town since 1829, which means they must be doing something right!

Laguiole en Aubrac steak set

If he already has a steak knife set and doesn't need another one, you could always get him a nice pocket knife. Instead of the standard Swiss Army knife that every father gets at some point or other, why not get him a serious knife that you know will last a long time? This Laguiole en Aubrac Forged Bee Folding Knife is made of stainless steel and the handle consists of ebony from South America and genuine mammoth ivory from Siberia. The design elements alone make this a talking piece and something that the man in your life can proudly display.

Laguiole en Aubrac forged bee folding knife

3.      The Latest Gadget

This is always a good gift because you don't have to be a techie to own a gadget; but if he is, he will love it that much more! In this day and age, anyone can find a use for a laptop, iPad or cell phone, so you can count on this one as a safe bet.

4.      Tickets to a Sporting Event

By nature, men are often competitive, athletic creatures, so tickets to see his favorite team play are the best gift you could give him. The great part about this gift is the excitement he will feel and the memories that will last a lifetime. Not to mention that he can wear all of the sports gear he's accumulated over years of Father's Days.

5.      Leave Him Alone

Like mothers, most men secretly desire alone time to do as they please or better, do nothing at all. Not only is this gift extremely thoughtful, it's free! Another great thing about this idea is that it can be combined with a gift listed above, which is a complete recipe for one happy dad.

Any of these gifts are sure to make him feel as special as he truly is on Father's day. Take a look at our tools and accessories at Kitchen Universe for more ideas!  

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

5 Cooking Tools That Really Will Improve Your Dinners

garlic press
There are a million kitchen gadgets out there, but how many will really make your life easier or improve the meals you serve? Here are five of the best cooking tools that we feel really will make a difference:

1.  Garlic press – This is one cooking tool that every kitchen should have, but so few do. Garlic is an essential ingredient in a huge variety of recipes, from Italian favorites and French, English and German signature dishes to traditional dishes from across Asia and more. Most of us have gotten used to peeling and slicing, chopping, mincing or crushing garlic, but that doesn't change the fact that it takes time—and can be a pain to clean up. The garlic press changes that, giving you finely pressed garlic in just one push of a lever, with minimal cleanup. You can put a whole, unpeeled garlic clove in and get fresh pressed garlic seconds later.

rasp grater
2.  Rasp grater – Everybody has a cheese grater, but cheese graters are really not meant for any other uses. Most have a fine-grain side that you can try to use as a zester, but it can be exhausting work and makes a mess—more zest seems to end up in the grater holes than on your food. This is partly because it has such a large surface area (too many holes to go over for something small like nutmeg or an orange), partly because the steel is not usually high quality in a standard cheese grater, and partly because it's just unwieldy to hold over a fresh soup, a bowl or salad, etc. This is where a rasp grater comes in. Its long narrow surface is perfect for zesting, for grating just a little bit of hard cheese, or even for nutmeg. It will make your fine grating faster, easier, and less messy.

3.  Spiralizer – Spiralizers are overlooked in many home kitchens, but they are infinitely useful. These devices can cut beautiful, paper-thin spirals from a variety of vegetables. Those spirals serve triple duty: they are eye-popping garnishes or additions to salads, they serve as almost perfectly uniform additions to a sauté or stir fry, and they make it easy to create a variety of slaws, salsas, and other flavors by soaking the spiralized vegetable in other ingredients.


4.  Onion and vegetable chopper – This is an oldie, but a goodie. A high-quality chopper is easy to clean, provides uniform results, and makes prep time much faster. As a plus, it can chop not only onions and vegetables but other ingredients like nuts or chocolate as well.

vegetable chopper

5.  Wine aerator – Okay, this isn't so much of a cooking tool, but a good meal requires a good bottle of wine—and an aerator makes a good bottle even better. Most of us pop the bottle and pour glasses right away, defying the old sommelier rule of letting it breathe first. Want to know what a difference that extra air time makes, without waiting? Just pour through your wine aerator and you will experience a much fresher, livelier flavor.
wine aerator

How many of these items does your kitchen have? Check out our selection at Kitchen-Universe for the most useful cooking tools!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

4 Reasons Rösle Cookware Is So Good

If you love cooking, you have probably heard the name Rösle. In fact, there's a good chance that your dream kitchen is composed largely of Rösle cookware. But what is it that makes Rösle so incredibly popular? Here are four of the reasons their cookware is so good:

1.  Their design – The first and most striking thing about any Rösle cookware item is its design. When you think of sleek stainless steel implements for the ultra-modern kitchen, this is what you're picturing. And it's no surprise: Rösle has been leading the professional kitchen utensil business for nearly 130 years. In that time, they've stuck true to the idea that the best cookware has to not only work flawlessly, it has to look great too. From frying pans and pots to super-efficient kitchen utensils, all of Rösle's cookware looks like something you would find in the most chic French restaurant—because in many cases, that's exactly what those restaurants use.

2.  The materials – Design isn't everything, of course. Many other brands have tried to copy Rösle's style only to produce utensils and cookware that are nonetheless inferior. Why? The answer is in the materials that Rösle uses. Rösle favors stainless steel, but not just any stainless steel: they use a special 18/10 steel, the highest caliber available. This stainless steel isn't just easy to keep clean; it's also flavor-neutral and doesn't hold flavors or odors from one dish to the next. It also looks great and lasts virtually forever.

3.  The engineering – Part of the reason that Rösle has held its place of supremacy is because of the way its products go together. Rösle is a German company that offers top-notch engineering, which makes as big of a difference for a high-performance kitchen device as it does for an automobile. Rösle's cookware is engineered, first of all, to be ergonomic: comfortable in the hand and easy to use over and over. And it's also designed to fulfill its specific function in the kitchen with flawless efficiency.

4.  Their innovative approach – When Rösle says they're innovative, they're not kidding around. How innovative? Well, chances are you're familiar with what's known as an open kitchen design. But did you know that the open kitchen was actually invented by Rösle? They felt that the open design would make everything more accessible while also making the modern kitchen the sort of social hub that traditional kitchens once were. The result was one of the most popular and now universal kitchen designs. This is the kind of innovative mindset they bring to all of their kitchen creations.

What do you love about Rösle cookware? Find Rösle and many other excellent brands at Kitchen-Universe today!