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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cristel Cookware: The Alchemy Between Ergonomics, Performance & Design

Cristel represents an amazing human adventure that follows a long manufacturing tradition. It is a team of men and women aiming at excellency, dreaming up, creating and innovating day after day the culinary utensils of the future. The Cristel collections are an alchemy between ergonomics, performance and design. Each tool is thought so that its use is easy, so that its technical performances are optimal and so that its design is a true pleasure for the eyes.

Cristel is an innovative company, proof of such statement is that they were the first company to produce induction cookware in 1991. Currently they are the number one Supplier of Commercial Cookware to high end restaurants and hotels in France; indeed they are a supplier for Relais & Chateaux Hotel Group which is for 2+ Stars Michelin Rated Restaurants. There are only 17 in the US.  

Cristel is home of the Cook & Serve Concept. The Cristel handle-free design transforms a performance cooking utensil into an elegant serving dish that will keep the heat locked throughout the metal. This allows that a saucepan becomes a casserole dish, a pan becomes a serving dish, a frying pan becomes a dish. Products are suitable for all cooking sources including the oven (with or without the lid).

Cristel introduced four product lines: Casteline fixed handles, Casteline removable handles, Strate fixed handles and Strate removable handles. Product assortment includes: fry pans, sauté pans, saucepans, stockpots, casseroles, inserts and many more!

Cristel Casteline is made of a 5-ply bonded alloy of stainless steel and aluminum. It distributes temperature evenly across the entire product for gentle, economical and tasty cooking

Cristel Strate is made of a 3-ply bonded alloy of stainless steel and aluminum. The heat is simultaneously spread over the whole surface of the base and sides. For gentle, economic cooking with no risk of sticking and protecting all the nutritional qualities of food. The “L” line is enhanced with accessories that are perfectly in harmony with its minimalist design.

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